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   Thai Bodywork

Holistic Thai Bodywork benefits the whole body, improving relaxation, reducing stress, and addressing injury, overuse and structural issues. Thai Bodywork increases blood circulation, balances the nervous system, strengthens the immune system, and stimulates the internal organs.

Thai Bodywork is performed on a soft mat on the floor with the patient clothed. Please come wearing loose fitting comfortable attire (gym or yoga wear). Patients may be positioned lying on their back, stomach, or side, or in a seated position, depending upon the treatment and what is most comfortable for each client.

Sessions are tailored to each patient’s specific needs utilizing various techniques including deep compression, structural integration, elongating stretches, myo-fascial release, acupressure, herbal compresses and gua sha. The passive stretching combined with compression supports joint mobilization, and frees up muscular tension easing stiffness and limited range of motion.


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