MogaDao Qigong Classes Online & In-Person
MogaDao is an original tradition of graceful, medicinal, and ensouling qigong, spiritualized asana, and somatic meditation, created by Zhen Dao, based on a radical faith in the mythopoetic and archetypal power of somatic experience. The MogaDao "techne," or practices, represent dynamic sacred architectures of human potential, nourishing and informing the fields of trauma, imagination and vitality, essence and transformation, ritual and cosmology, and sexuality. 
Class Descriptions
Mythos Cycle Qigong (Formerly Morning Medical Qigong)
The foundational form of MogaDao Qigong tonifies the Zangfu Traditional Chinese Medicine organ system, enlivening students towards an experience of both mythopoetic and archetypal Qigong. 
Essential Yin & Yang Qigong
We can consider the harmonization of Yin & Yang essences to be the balance of both personal health and global equilibrium. To attune oneself to the tonification of these essential essences is to move inside towards an interior of calm stability and gentle resilience. Essential Yin- evokes qualities of inward reflection, quietude, and serenity. The Yin field is the source of all manifestation and the destination of the return, the place of unknown potentials. Essential Yang- evokes qualities of risk, courage, expression and beauty. Cultivating the energy of initiative powers and the true vulnerability to actively reach towards our personal destinies.
Three Pillars Qigong for Anxiety & Trauma 
This form offers great nourishment in our uneasy times in direct relation to the nervous system and our over inundation with stimulus. The series focuses on the three phases of trauma that Zhen Dao has identified as the essential stages of healing the “shatterment” of the Jing-Qi bridge, the passage between one’s destiny and one’s capacity to express it, that characterizes all types of trauma: “Parasympathis,” a coinage describing the active process of calming the traumatized nervous system; Neurogenesis, or the building of non-shattered pathways of Qi; and Reintegration, or the preparation of the field of qi for experience.
Private Sessions
One-on-One sessions are also offered to deepen one's experience of individual practice, in addition to an opportunity to speak specifically to needs that arise, and allow for the direct application of Post-Daoist philosophy and Five Realms theory to be utilized day to day. 

Jaye is an exceptional teacher. The learning process feels like a meditative experience in itself. Having come to the Mythos Cycle Qigong as a total newcomer and not really knowing what to expect, I’ve felt safe and held each entire class while being guided. Jaye's instructions and guidance are practical and useful, whilst also being imaginative and gentle in a way that dispels struggle and enables me to really connect with and within my body. I would readily recommend any movement-as-medicine course or class with Jaye. - Shamira


As someone who was completely new to any sort of conscious movement practice, Jaye led me effortlessly down a path I never knew how much I needed to be on. With her gentle, boundaried guidance, I found my own center and developed the confidence to know my body as home for the very first time. Jaye exudes trust and integrity in everything she does, and there are few teachers or offerings I can recommend as highly. - Ren

No Class the following days: June 29th, July 6th, August 10th & 17th