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Class Offerings

This is the first class I have taken with Jaye and I could not be happier with how it is going. Jaye is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the practice and her teaching style makes the class very easy to follow. Throughout the class Jaye gives background information about the forms and what organ they relate to. Her manner is calm and engaging and her voice is perfectly paced to give just the right amount of information alongside focusing on the practice. I find the demonstrations and explanations very clear and the online set-up works really well. I look forward the class all week! Highly recommend.

Normally I'd be skeptical of doing this sort of class online, but Jaye does a fantastic job of facilitating. She guides with a steadiness and grace and really creates a space for you to learn to honor your being . She speaks to not only how the body can move, but also to what is happening internally. It's been a fun journey to explore QiGong for the first time and I feel lucky to have Jaye as my guide.

Jaye is a wonderful teacher both for Qigong and Yoga (online) classes. I felt connected to the group and the space of practice that Jaye holds for us all through her wonderful presence. Her instructions are clear, caring and flow in so smoothly while we are practicing together. The Qigong series are my favorite and thanks to Jaye´s instructions and analogies, I was able to remember some of the forms quite quickly to start establishing my own little daily practice. The practice brings me insights and healing and helps me feel more at peace with myself, more connected, centered and grounded in my body.


Jaye is an extremely reliable, competent, and attentive teacher. I’ve had the pleasure of taking her classes both online and in person, and received personalized, one-on-one fitness guidance as well. As her student and client, I deeply appreciate the atmosphere of care and devotion that she cultivates, and the poised and articulate way in which she transmits her passion for holistic health and well-being. There is a quality in Jaye that inspires my own inner-call to practice and discipline—not for the sake of itself, but for the joy and fullness of embodiment itself, which she so seamlessly imparts.-Willow

Jaye works from a beautiful balance of subtlety and strength. She intuitively blends techniques to do what a body needs. I found her deep tissue work, combined with acupressure, to be incredibly effective. She found all the spots where I hold tension, and–as she massaged them–I literally saw the experiences that had caused the tension release even as their physical residue did. I’ve had massage all over the world, and I am always happy to find a masseuse close to home who knows her stuff. Jaye does.”
superb skills - great presence- a healer
Jaye is an extremely receptive practitioner. Each session is different and feels absolutely appropriate to my needs that day. After a session I stand taller and feel calmer. She is a blessing to work with.
Outstanding intuitive flow and excellent Thai Form. I’m a healer myself, well- trained in many modalities/forms of massage. Jaye offers a fusion of many forms; deeply rooted in Thai, energy work, and Martial Arts. The sheer bliss of having a seasoned, focused practitioner work on you who literally does her own practices daily, is next level and I highly recommend it.
Jaye is an amazing bodyworker and instructor. We are lucky to have her in NM. She is very kind and aware of her clients needs. I would recommended her to anyone seeking a wonderful professional with lots of experience and knowledge. 10/10
I have received many bodywork sessions from Jaye. Her presence, resonance and holistic approach to Thai bodywork has helped me in many ways to heal, feel supported, and receive genuine care. Her unique and therapeutic touch is evident of her time studying and practicing the craft. I have also studied Thai bodywork with Jaye, her knowledge is vast and her experience deep. She has provided a container for me to grow, explore and tune in to Thai bodywork and what it means to me to be a Thai practitioner.
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