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Uplift Dojo

A Rigorous Sweat & Joy Inducing - Martial Conditioning Class

5 Week Series Online - Cost $100/Drop-in $22

Begins Tuesday March 15th 8-9:15am MST


This dynamic conditioning class reflects martial awareness through a variety of movements designed to increase strength, flexibility and agility. Functional movement as well as kicking and striking is taught in a practical and body centered atmosphere. Qigong consciousness is woven throughout our practice to deeply harmonize the body through touches of intensity. Come prepared to focus your full attention for this class. A space to jump, move and do floor work comfortably is needed and a yoga mat. No experience is necessary. 

Jaye is an incredible teacher. She unifies an immense depth of knowledge with an incredible depth of heart. She truly cares about her students and their health and well-being in all aspects and supports them with integrity and sincerity. Her class is a safe container that creates a deep and fertile ground for personal growth in a healthy, fun and sustainable way. My life and practice has been changed by Jaye, solely for the good.       
- Chris
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