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Class Description:

If you've never felt comfortable stepping into a dojo, here's your opportunity! Learn to move your body in an empowering martial way, gain strength, agility and cultivate self-awareness. Led with body-centered positivity and an exceptionally audacious playlist. You will sweat, you will be changed, and most often euphoria is the result of our shared effort. No experience is necessary, all women-identified folks are welcome.


1) Most dojo's (martial art training facilities) are male led and most of the participants are men, this is often a huge deterrent for female students in ever crossing the threshold.

2) As a woman, I have trained my whole life in athletics & martial arts, in mostly male dominated spaces (which on the whole were outstanding experiences). But in this moment, I wanted to cultivate a community of woman identified badass warriors.

3) I wanted to create a class and atmosphere where women felt fully comfortable stepping in, regardless of physical experience or training level. Everyone is welcome.

4) I wanted to lead with a tone of: Self-Awareness, Body Affirmation, Radical Positivity, Self-Acceptance, Sass & Rigorous Joy

5) My dojo playlist is off the hook! There will be tunes peeps.

6) My striking & kicking mitts are acquiring entirely too much dust! Bodies were meant to sweat in a room, striking practice is a euphoric & highly therapeutic experience of moving energy.

7) With all the craziness of this world, training women to embody their ferocity, their depth, their complexity and spirit is a magnificent opportunity & honor. I can't imagine anything more important in this moment for me to be doing.

8) StudioAmiel is deeply aligned with my own ethos of movement, integrity and empowerment. 

9) This class will be live streamed so my online students and anyone else interested can jump in from afar! Visit StudioAmiel to register. Contact me with any questions.

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