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Current Offerings


Jaye is an exceptional teacher. The learning process feels like a meditative experience in itself. Having come to class as a total newcomer and not really knowing what to expect, I’ve felt safe and held each entire class while being guided. Jaye's instructions and guidance are practical and useful, whilst also being imaginative and gentle in a way that dispels struggle and enables me to really connect with and within my body. I would readily recommend any movement-as-medicine course or class with Jaye. - Shamira

Class Descriptions

YIN Dojo: Mondays & Fridays 9-10:15am

Martial arts & fitness class for female identified and AFAB people. Sweat inducing rigorous fun. Kicking & striking led through self-awareness and embodied power. This class is offered on a donation basis of $10-$20, no one turned away for lack of funds.

Community Qigong: Tuesdays & Thursdays 10-11:15am

Qigong forms and somatic exercises to gently awaken body intelligence and deep vitality. No experience is necessary and all levels are welcome. This class is offered on a donation basis of $10-$20, no one turned away for lack of funds. 

Contact Directly for class location

YinBody Prayers

There is a language of reverence held in the ancient knowing of your bones. In this class we will be exploring these subtle energetics, possibilities and found truths through a somatic inquiry of embodied prostration and prayer, utilizing gentle movement of Yoga & Qigong. 


Yin Warriorship

This class is an organic unfolding inclusive of martial art movements, dance and qigong. The movement explorations are designed to cultivate a clear pathway of asserted embodiment that is simultaneously rooted in a sense of quiet and calm. Play, relaxation, clear command and deep surrender are our primary ingredients. Together we "unearth" the warriorship of the feminine, resurrecting the "weapons" of voice, heart and sex as empowered reliable tools of our existence. 



As someone who was completely new to any sort of conscious movement practice, Jaye led me effortlessly down a path I never knew how much I needed to be on. With her gentle, boundaried guidance, I found my own center and developed the confidence to know my body as home for the very first time. Jaye exudes trust and integrity in everything she does, and there are few teachers or offerings I can recommend as highly. - Ren

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