Somatic Conditioning

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Together we work to design a personal conditioning program tailored to work on your specific goals, utilizing some or all of the following - yoga, qigong, martial arts, functional movement and kettle bells. Benefits include strengthening, flexibility, rehabilitation and structural integrity. 

I have gotten a ton out my sessions with Jaye! She is very skillful as a bodyworker and the significant time she has spent training with masters clearly shows- she is a master herself. I feel at ease in her space too. It’s clean, calm and we are now well into a somatic conditioning program and I am loving it! It’s beyond personal training because she has so much experience with Qigong, Gong fu, etc. I’ve learned a lot about my body and love how customized the sessions are, based on what is needed in the moment. Getting stronger and more aware of how to best use my body and so grateful to her!

- Ryan