Yoga For Erotic Sovereignty

Learn to move your body with radical self-acceptance and embodied sensual generative power. All too often we learn to "give-away" or project our eroticism or sensuality towards others, or the possibility of another. This introductory class catalyzes a return of erotic knowledge and atmosphere back to ourselves, for ourselves.

Yoga movements are led with conscious attendance towards diverse bodies and genders, all are welcome. No experience is necessary for this class. Privacy is honored throughout this practice, the class will be led in a body positive atmosphere of safety and trust.

Please register via at StudioAMIEL.

Be sure to bring your own yoga mat.

Having struggled with bouts of fatigue for quite some time, Jaye’s Yoga series has given me more daily energy than I’ve felt in over a year. Some deep emotional wounds that I didn’t know were there have been brought to the surface, allowing me to acknowledge and begin healing them. I feel more confident, much stronger, and have already made some life changes to begin following my passions. I look forward to continuing to practice with Jaye! - Lauren